Taurice Bussey

Augusta, GA

About Taurice

Despite battling with depression growing up, Taurice learned to love himself, and remained dedicated to helping other people, both as an aspiring doctor, and as a motivator! In pursuing his dreams, Taurice joined a student-led health organization in high school, of which he was eventually elected as SC President and selected to serve as the National Spokesperson. In this role, Taurice traveled all over the country speaking at schools and conferences, and facilitating leadership and team-building training for businesses and hospitals, which jumpstarted his career as a Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant when he left the organization. Since then, Taurice has gone on to be involved in starting over a dozen successful companies, while consulting for countless businesses and organizations, coaching individuals and leading them to live their dream lives, and traveling all over the world, inspiring audiences everywhere, as one of the most sought-after professional speakers in the world!
Taurice currently lives in Greenville, SC and continues to lead his multiple businesses, holding his seat as CEO of Bussey Enterprises, LLC. He serves as a pastor at his local church, sits on numerous community organizations on a local to international level, and serves his local community as a community activist and youth advocate, encouraging young people to chase their dreams and get involved in causes that make a difference and make the world a better place for everyone!

Issue:Human Rights

Live On Purpose!

By: Taurice Bussey

Growing up I was labeled "at risk." My parents were poor, battled alcoholism, faced jail time. I was an obese, suicidal kid, with no future. I changed my paradigm and now travel the world teaching others how to live with purpose and success!