Khloe Thompson

Fullerton, CA, USA

No dream is too small or too big! I want to inspire other kids to be great and to make your mark on this earth. I want to challenge other kids to do something big. That's why my mom and I started Kloe Kares, an organization that focuses on community serve and educating other kids about things going on in the world.

My first project, "Kare Bags" were designed by me and my grandma. The purpose of these bags is to give women on the streets a sturdy and nice looking bag that they could call their own, while at the same time giving them something they need on a daily basis, such as soap, lotion, a tooth brush and tooth paste as well as feminine products, socks, etc. 

My next project is a Toy Drive which will supply kids who are in group homes with the same kinds of toys that their peers might already have, such as Barbies and trucks. 


Khloe Kares

By: Khloe Thompson

There is a problem with homelessness. And not just being homeless, but with the way everyday people treat our homeless friends! I started Khloe Kares as a way to inspire other kids to make their mark on this earth.