I've always been one to speak out. I voiced my opinions a lot, even when I was in elementary school! In grade seven, (when I was about 12) I developed a more broad perspective on the world and my community. In class we'd learn about different forms of human suffering and I could hardly listen because I was squirming with anger at the fact that I have such a privileged life while grave injustices were happening to other people in our world. I began to research more, and get educated on how I would make change in the world. I found my passion for spoken word and began using that to voice my opinions and express my views of the world, and ways we can possibly solve these issues.

Issue:Human Rights

A Touch Of Sexual Assault

By: Kayley Dixon

Sexual violence is a serious health, social and public safety issue for any community. I use the art-form of the "spoken word" to speak out and make a change for the injustices I see in the world around me.