Milton Harris

My Story: From Struggle to Success

I grew up under challenging circumstances in Dorchester, MA. Through the support of BUILD, I've developed my talents as an artist and entrepreneur, launched a real business, and gained mentors and friends. My GPA and academic skills have improved signficantly and I'm ready to take on college and the world!


Khloe Kares

By: Khloe Thompson

There is a problem with homelessness. And not just being homeless, but with the way everyday people treat our homeless friends! I started Khloe Kares as a way to inspire other kids to make their mark on this earth.

Issue:Human Rights

Braigo Labs

By: Shubham Banerjee

Access to assistive technology is a precondition for achieving equal opportunities, enjoying human rights and living in dignity. I believe technology should help us make our lives easier and not become a burden due to high costs.