Jordyn Lexton

If you want to create or drive change, you have to think beyond where you currently are and look towards that change, whatever it happens to be. But it's not enough to simply visualize something happening, you have to take focused action towards it.


Russell Reed

* MIT Launch Onboarding Coordinator * Co-founded The Bridge Initiative at MIT Launch during summer 2014 and has continued past the program with growing this company. * Worked as a research intern for both Harvard Business School and the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard, working specifically with the Initiative on Violence Against Women * Attending Harvard University


Alex Demo

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m passionate about music, and seek to develop my skills as a singer/songwriter. I also love being in nature and the great outdoors. This means you’ll find me camping, hiking and rock climbing. I have also volunteered my time working for different non-profit organizations to clean, rehabilitate and rebuild as needed.


Milton Harris

I am working to develop myself as an entrepreneur and an artist. Since 9th grade, I've launched two businesses with my team.


Abraham Keita

NAME: Abraham Keita NATIONALITY: Liberian RESIDENCE: Monrovia BIRTH YEAR: 1998


Michael Ligier

Entrepreneur and creative thinker (with a focus in finance and computer science). Launched two startups and have won various awards in startup competitions. I love to play soccer, create renditions of pop songs on the violin, and eat Japanese food!


Jennifer Tran

I'm passionate about architecture and how things are put together.


Danielle Beauregard

I am a singer / song-writer who has produced about a dozen songs. I am also a writer with two full (unpublished) screen plays and a short story. Additionally, I love to act and have been involved in theatrical productions since elementary school


Demi Demo

✿ I am a perpetual optimist with the mindset that I can make a change in the world. My strongest talents are video animation and music creation. ✿

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