Sade Ried

My name is Sade Ried, I am 14 years old, and I’m a teen business owner from Detroit, Michigan. There are so many things I’m interested in such as entrepreneurship books, starting a podcast, and even web design. The website for my math tutoring business was actually created all by me using Wordpress, but I’m currently learning coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript so my next business website can be completely coded by me.


Samir Goel

The first thing you should know about me: I'm passionate, about a lot of things, but especially social causes. The second: I am a people person. The third: I'm always up for a challenge.


Allan Maman

I'm a 16 year old serial entrepreneur who loves innovating and being myself. I was born in the United States and I'm currently living in Westchester, New York. I created an app about a year ago called Safe Ride. I was the only founder and Safe Ride is meant to prevent texting and driving. It does this by automatically replying to a text, allowing whoever is texting you to know that you are driving.


Natalie Price

I have always loved working alongside people. To support myself in my journey with Proximity, I am working at a digital marketing agency as Creative Production Assistant. My role involves working alongside creative to create video and photography content. I have worked on a wide variety of brands including Sony, Persil, Durex, Virgin Trains, Finish, Bosch, Clearasil, Canon and Infiniti. My vision is to use tech for good.


Kayley Dixon

I use spoken word to voice numerous issues such as the impact of texting on interpersonal communication, standing up against community stigma, and other general societal issues. I was recently named "brand ambassador" for a movement & brand called "stop the violence spread the love" which focuses on spreading love through acts of kindness and raising awareness, in hopes to reduce violence.


Khloe Thompson

I believe kids like me can serve others, regardless of age. I started my work with Khloe Kares when I was just 8 years old. Whether it's through my Kare Bags or through Toy Drives, I believe I can help the world by giving to others, keeping positive, and shining the light God gave me. My page is to do community service, share my personal interest and educate other kids about things going on in the world.


Shubham Banerjee

A recipient of multiple awards for innovation and regularly featured in International and National Media including CNN, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, CBC, BBC,Discovery and many others. I am the Evangelist/Founder of Braigo Labs Inc. and the inventor of Braigo. In 2014, I became the youngest entrepreneur to receive Venture Capital funding!


Suen Hee Kim

My name is Sunny. I wasn't always passionate about health, but when I decided to become a vegetarian, I found it increasingly difficult to find snacks that balanced taste and nutrition, while still looking like something that I'd actually want to eat! It took almost three months of baking and testing to find the perfect combination of nutrition and taste but I finally developed an amazing recipe that I am now sharing with the world.


Sophia Fulton

I currently run a piano teaching business, a summer program business, and work for a local small business. I believe that entrepreneurship is all about sharing what you’re passionate about so that’s what’s I’m trying to do by sharing my passions for music, teaching, and entrepreneurship. I also love chocolate chip cookies and running­ probably not the best combination.

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