By: Sade Ried

For many reasons, the attainment of STEM skills are especially hard for African American students to acquire. Join me in breaking down "stereotype threats" and creating a movement of peer-tutoring options!

The "Essynce" of Entrepreneurship

By: Starr Barrett

Age is just a blanket covering what you are capable of -- so I want to encourage people my age to pursue their dreams! If you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur, check out my project and let's design your future!

Issue:Human Rights


By: Lily Sandler

We are advancing entrepreneurial education for women and young entrepreneurs in order to dismantle gender discrimination and stereotypes that are deeply embedded in our corporate cultural perceptions.

Issue:Human Rights

The Bridge Initiative

By: Russell Reed

Young people with autism spectrum disorder (1-in-68 in the USA) need a bridge to help them transition from high school to the next step in life. Learn what you can do to help!


Kids First Project

By: Alisha Zhao

Did you know that poverty and low social status can impact brain development, increasing the risk of neurological defects? Kids First Project promotes HOPE: Health, Opportunity, Play + Education to help homeless children reach their full potential.


The Elevator Project

By: Sejal Makheja

I am bringing people out of poverty by providing apprenticeships programs, vocational training and a mentor program funded by private + public partnerships which foster a 'pay it forward' approach through my unique elevator model.

Hands Offering Hope

By: Amy Wolff

Hi, my name is Amy. I am empowering Mexican youth through mentorship, leadership training and service. We need an army of people to help the Chiquilá Youth Leadership Institute happen this summer, will you help?


Greencycling Gadgets For Cash

By: Jason Li

Electronic waste comprises 70% of all toxic waste in America. Why throw away that old cell phone, calculator or iPad, when you can recycle it and make a profit?

Your Web IQ Can Do More Than Cure Cancer

By: Jack Andraka

If you have a computer and access to the web, you have the ability to innovate. By simply using my computer and searching the web I discovered an early detection sensor for cancer. What will YOUR discovery or invention be?

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