why we're swimming for obstetric fistula

By: ChaCha Team

We're 16 years old -- our lives are just starting -- but for other young women the same age, their lives are all but over. Learn why 8 of us are swam across the Channel to raise funds for a devastating condition called obstetric fistula.

Issue:Human Rights

The Cerebral Palsy Swagger

By: Hunter Gandee

Hi, my name is Hunter. Together with my little brother, we launched "CP Swagger" a movement to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy and the need for inclusion. Please read our story and "help" us by promoting inclusion in your own communities!


Warm Winters

By: Corinne/Katrine Hindes/Kirsebom

Warm Winters is an International Movement by youth, changing the lives of the homeless population. We believe that every homeless community member should have access to warm clothing, clean socks and personal care items.


X-Out Homelessness

By: Reshini Premaratne

Due to a lack of awareness, I've realized my peers are hesitant to reach out a helping hand for the homeless. So, with one week, two pieces of tape and a commitment to help, my solution is to X-Out Homelessness. Click here to see my action plan!


biking for baseball

By: Matt Stoltz

Everyone deserves to enjoy sports and have the right equipment. I'm using my passion for cycling to provide equipment to kids who don't have any.