By: Sophia Fulton

Entrepreneurship is a necessary life tool for teens because it helps young people explore what their passions are and ultimately how they can serve others. I have an online publication profiling teen entrepreneurs, maybe you're next?

Issue:Human Rights

A Touch Of Sexual Assault

By: Kayley Dixon

Sexual violence is a serious health, social and public safety issue for any community. I use the art-form of the "spoken word" to speak out and make a change for the injustices I see in the world around me.


Shame To Pride

By: Stephanie Calvert

Shame To Pride is a mixed media art project centered on family, self-acceptance and finding beauty in unlikely places.

Instruments For Change

By: David Zhao

With little emphasis, interest, or funding for music departments across the USA, Instruments For Change strives to spread awareness about the importance of music education.

Follow Your Dreams

By: Adrian + Julian Woodrow

When it's such a critical tool for learning and engagement, why has access to music education been cut? Over 40 weeks and across 10,000 miles we'll perform 275 concerts for 100,000+ students to raise awareness for the importance of music education.


Let's ROCK Kids' Cancer

By: Teagan Stedman

Every year 13,500 kids are diagnosed with cancer, and 25% of those children will not survive. In fact, cancer accounts for the deaths of more children than all other pediatric diseases combined. Despite this, pediatric cancer is grossly underfunded.