biking for baseball

By: Matt Stoltz

Everyone deserves to enjoy sports and have the right equipment. I'm using my passion for cycling to provide equipment to kids who don't have any.

Why Books?

By: Riley Carney

There is a direct correlation between illiteracy and poverty. Children who do not learn to read by fifth grade will likely remain illiterate and face extreme challenges and poverty for the rest of their lives.


Can $2 Really Change The World?

By: Julien Leitner

I'm only a kid - inviting 1M people to give just $2 to move the earth. How? By simply using the power of social media, my passion to break the cycle of poverty and investing in our future.


Who Is Using YOUR Prescription Drugs?

By: Jordyn Schara

At 14, I had no clue about the dangers of over-the-counter drugs. Then a boy my age died because he popped some pills that weren't prescribed to him. More people abuse prescription drugs than they do heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines combined.


Gotta Have Sole

By: Nicholas Lowinger

After visiting homeless shelters in Rhode Island, where children are unable to go to school on days someone else gets to wear the shoes, I knew I had to do something to help combat the new face of American poverty through our kids.


Don't Let Plastic Bully You

By: Abby Goldberg

The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only 4 trips to the grocery store, and 4 out of 5 grocery bags in the US are now plastic. I've helped put local laws into action limiting + banning "single use" plastics and you can too! JOIN ME!

Can Origami Make You Smart?

By: Calista Jaskiewicz

Did you know that origami strengthens STEM education? I create satellite tethers, heart stents, air bags, the human brain, proteins, and even RNA using paper to teach STEM Education through the art of origami.


Are You Cool Enough To Stop Global Warming?

By: Chloe Maxmin

We are the generation that must develop new solutions. And it is our collective ingenuity, passion, and brain-power that will chart a new course for humanity! Together, let's reinvest in our future!


Let's ROCK Kids' Cancer

By: Teagan Stedman

Every year 13,500 kids are diagnosed with cancer, and 25% of those children will not survive. In fact, cancer accounts for the deaths of more children than all other pediatric diseases combined. Despite this, pediatric cancer is grossly underfunded.

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