Side With Peace

By: Annika Gomez

Our mission is to raise awareness amongst younger generations to encourage healthy relationships and eradicate domestic violence. We are raising a modest sum of money to support our nonprofit partnerships and to deliver high caliber assemblies.

Hands Offering Hope

By: Amy Wolff

Hi, my name is Amy. I am empowering Mexican youth through mentorship, leadership training and service. We need an army of people to help the Chiquilá Youth Leadership Institute happen this summer, will you help?


Breaking World Records at 10 To Empower Youth

By: Angel More

Hiking, swimming and biking her way to the top are just some of the ways Angel More's is investing in youth. She is pushing the limits to inspire other kids to reach their dreams.


Puzzles To Remember

By: Max Wallack

Every 67 seconds, somebody in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease. I am on a quest to find a cure -- and you can help, see how!


Threads For Teens

By: Allyson Ahlstrom

In the US today, over 55% of all people living in poverty are women and girls. Clothing plays an important role to increase confidence, opportunity and performance.


Greencycling Gadgets For Cash

By: Jason Li

Electronic waste comprises 70% of all toxic waste in America. Why throw away that old cell phone, calculator or iPad, when you can recycle it and make a profit?

One More Generation

By: Carter Ries

There are almost 16,000 species of animal that are facing complete extinction. With your help, we can save endangered species from extinction for One More Generation... and beyond.


X-Out Homelessness

By: Reshini Premaratne

Due to a lack of awareness, I've realized my peers are hesitant to reach out a helping hand for the homeless. So, with one week, two pieces of tape and a commitment to help, my solution is to X-Out Homelessness. Click here to see my action plan!

Your Web IQ Can Do More Than Cure Cancer

By: Jack Andraka

If you have a computer and access to the web, you have the ability to innovate. By simply using my computer and searching the web I discovered an early detection sensor for cancer. What will YOUR discovery or invention be?

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