Issue:Human Rights


By: Alex Deans

I was inspired to start iAid at age 12, after seeing a visually impaired woman struggle to cross a busy street. After years of hard work, the iAid has now been named one of the "Top 50 Ideas Worldwide for Technology in Health, Energy, and Medicine".

Issue:Human Rights

For Arkansas Girls

By: Adrianne Owings

Arkansas was listed as one of the worst states for gender equality and why I founded "For Arkansas Girls," a community-based Girl Up club that encourages girls across Arkansas to advocate for other girls to reach their own full potential.


Nohbo Balls

By: Benjamin Stern

Nohbo Ball is a single-use all-in-one shampoo ball that provides just the right amount of product for your shower with no plastic bottles and absolutely no waste! We exist to reduce the impact of plastics on the environment.



By: Megan Grassell

How are young girls supposed to celebrate those yellow and youthful stages of a girl's life when first-bra choices are over-sexualized, padded, and sequined? Yellowberry empowers girls through the clothes they wear.


Code Red

By: Ileri Jaiyeoba

Code Red is a non profit organization dedicated to the empowerment and facilitation of menstrual hygiene for homeless women. We believe that hygienic comfort emboldens a woman to be the best she can be -- no matter her circumstances.


The Frosting Company

By: Frosting Company

The Frosting Company was created to shine a light on the many ways we can make life sweeter and healthier for those we love. We specialize in natural bath and beauty products that also serves as catalyst for change.



By: Eden Full

Without available clean and renewable energy sources, there are 1.3-billion people living in extreme poverty. SunSaluter is dedicated to improving energy and water access in the developing world through the open-sourced technology.


Sustainable Youth Canada

By: Raymond Wang

We are a Canadian federally registered non-profit that provides a common platform for high school and university students to lead and engage with environmental and energy sustainability.

The "Essynce" of Entrepreneurship

By: Starr Barrett

Age is just a blanket covering what you are capable of -- so I want to encourage people my age to pursue their dreams! If you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur, check out my project and let's design your future!

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