Issue:Human Rights

A Touch Of Sexual Assault

By: Kayley Dixon

Sexual violence is a serious health, social and public safety issue for any community. I use the art-form of the "spoken word" to speak out and make a change for the injustices I see in the world around me.


ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute

By: Gabrielle Jordan

Young people of color will make-up the majority of working class by 2032, so it’s really important to empower today’s youth to understand the importance of equal opportunity and to nurture the entrepreneurial access and training at young ages.


Khloe Kares

By: Khloe Thompson

There is a problem with homelessness. And not just being homeless, but with the way everyday people treat our homeless friends! I started Khloe Kares as a way to inspire other kids to make their mark on this earth.

Issue:Human Rights

The Cerebral Palsy Swagger

By: Hunter Gandee

Hi, my name is Hunter. Together with my little brother, we launched "CP Swagger" a movement to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy and the need for inclusion. Please read our story and "help" us by promoting inclusion in your own communities!

Zandra Beauty

By: Zandra Cunningham

Zandra Beauty gives 10% of our profits to fund girls' education programs. Once a girl is educated she'll marry later, not be an easy victim of violence and will ultimately break the cycle of poverty, in just one generation, by educating her kids too.


Rainbow Pack

By: Rainbow Pack

The idea for Rainbow Pack was born when I overheard kindergarten kids describing how they couldn't do their homework because they didn't have crayons or pencils at home. Economic circumstances shouldn't limit a young student's potential.


By: Marley Dias

Representations of people in literature impact the way we see ourselves and each other. I founded #1000BlackGirlBooks to lay the foundation for a positive racial identity, including pride in being an African American.

A Youth Mind

By: Campbell Erickson

A Youth Mind is a storytelling project dedicated to photo-journaling what success looks like in developing economies and communities in order to create sustainable opportunity for young people internationally.


Positivity Pack

By: James Corneille

I feel like society needs to be more accepting and compassionate around mental health issues -- especially for teens and (young) adults in the workplace who are subjected to bullying or intense pressure -- that's why I started Positivity Pack!

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