By: Sade Ried

For many reasons, the attainment of STEM skills are especially hard for African American students to acquire. Join me in breaking down "stereotype threats" and creating a movement of peer-tutoring options!


By: Sophia Fulton

Entrepreneurship is a necessary life tool for teens because it helps young people explore what their passions are and ultimately how they can serve others. I have an online publication profiling teen entrepreneurs, maybe you're next?

Zandra Beauty

By: Zandra Cunningham

Zandra Beauty gives 10% of our profits to fund girls' education programs. Once a girl is educated she'll marry later, not be an easy victim of violence and will ultimately break the cycle of poverty, in just one generation, by educating her kids too.


By: Marley Dias

Representations of people in literature impact the way we see ourselves and each other. I founded #1000BlackGirlBooks to lay the foundation for a positive racial identity, including pride in being an African American.

A Youth Mind

By: Campbell Erickson

A Youth Mind is a storytelling project dedicated to photo-journaling what success looks like in developing economies and communities in order to create sustainable opportunity for young people internationally.

The "Essynce" of Entrepreneurship

By: Starr Barrett

Age is just a blanket covering what you are capable of -- so I want to encourage people my age to pursue their dreams! If you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur, check out my project and let's design your future!


By: Renita Zaparde

Without access to publicly funded school-buses, rural orphaned girls often give-up the most precious tool of empowerment -- their education. Join me in helping change this paradigm by providing bicycles and enabling them to pedal2prosper!

SmartStart Initiative

By: Krithika Iyer

The SmartStart Initiative works to increase educational access to combat the growing tide of drop-outs and give these children a fighting chance for a better future. And we're not the only ones who think this is important.

Reboot For Youth

By: Christopher Cao

It's shocking that more than half of low-income students in the U.S. do not have access to a computer. Our mission is to increase educational opportunities for underprivileged children in the U.S. and the world through increased access to technology.

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