Safe Ride

By: Allan Maman

Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways — most especially a widespread problem for teens and young adults. Safe Ride is a mobile application that allows users to focus on driving by letting the application respond for them.


Bright Snacks

By: Suen Hee Kim

Only about 1 in every 10 Americans eats what their body needs. That's why I started my company, Bright Snacks -- packed with nutritious ingredients that provide energy, fiber and protein, these little snacks are sure to brighten your day!


why we're swimming for obstetric fistula

By: ChaCha Team

We're 16 years old -- our lives are just starting -- but for other young women the same age, their lives are all but over. Learn why 8 of us are swam across the Channel to raise funds for a devastating condition called obstetric fistula.



By: Natalie Price

With no treatment or cure for dementia presently available, I have developed an alternative to expensive monitoring solutions to help prevent the problem of wandering.


Positivity Pack

By: James Corneille

I feel like society needs to be more accepting and compassionate around mental health issues -- especially for teens and (young) adults in the workplace who are subjected to bullying or intense pressure -- that's why I started Positivity Pack!



By: Megan Grassell

How are young girls supposed to celebrate those yellow and youthful stages of a girl's life when first-bra choices are over-sexualized, padded, and sequined? Yellowberry empowers girls through the clothes they wear.


The Frosting Company

By: Frosting Company

The Frosting Company was created to shine a light on the many ways we can make life sweeter and healthier for those we love. We specialize in natural bath and beauty products that also serves as catalyst for change.


Cook Time With Remmi

By: Remmi Smith

My solution to the childhood obesity crisis is a health-based cooking TV show. I believe that TV is an easy way to get the message out and get it to as many people as possible. I also believe that if kids will cook healthier, they’ll eat healthier.


Bald. Bold. Beautiful.

By: Kylie Bamberger

I seek to dismantle Western ideals of beauty standards which put girls like me in a perpetual state of mental imprisonment. The media continuously focuses on the external aspects, but the reality is beauty emanates from the inside out.

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