“The Elevator Project:Help me eradicate poverty!”

YOU have the power to change lives and lift the financially disadvantaged out of poverty. If you start a chapter of the Elevator Project in your community you can help eliminate America's number one millennium development goal!

  • one out of every SIX Americans is now being served by (at least one) anti-poverty government program
  • one out of every FIVE children in the United States is now living in poverty
  • 28% of all U.S. houselholds have at least one family member looking for a full-time job
  • 15% of all people in the U.S. are living below the poverty line.

I look forward to the impact The Elevator Project can have on a national scale. Currently, I’m working to eradicate poverty in my own community, but my goal for the future is to create chapters of The Elevator Project in different cities across the nation so that others can join in the movement to end poverty with me using The Elevator Project’s 6-floor method. In doing this, the impact will exponentially grow which means we get to help more and more people in their journey out of poverty. 

This photo is one I took with Nathaniel.  He went through the Apprenticeship Program in the summer of 2014 and gave us this testimonial:

"The Apprenticeship Pgoram gave me so many valuable vocational and inter-personal skills that I can use moving forward every day of my life. It provided me with on-the-job training and experience with field instruction to help learn about a potential future career.  Than you again to AMR Investments, the many mentors that supported me, and especially Sejal and her Elevator Project for the opportunity of a lifetime. "


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