“Live On Purpose!:put yourself in service to others”

I always encourage others to be a part of causes that they can truly get behind and are passionate about – I have found through personal experience that these tend to be causes that speak to some of what you’ve experienced in your own life. Of course, there are causes that many of us are incredibly passionate about, and would be effective in working toward, that address issues we may have never personally experienced. There have been many challenges and obstacles I’ve faced in my life, and as a result, I’ve endured a lot of pain that was not always visible, so I have a tendency to give myself to causes that address issues that fall in those categories. By the Grace of God, I have been able to find the beauty in life, and the humanity of every person…you will find that many of the organizations I am involved with seek to help others do the same, whether directly or indirectly. Being a naturally multi-passionate person, and of course because of my work as a consultant, I have been involved with countless organizations, and continue to serve many of these organizations in some capacity, be it as a board member, advisor, volunteer, etc.

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