“redefy:Start a redefy Club / Chapter at your school!”

Clubs operate on a micro-level (in schools) and meet at least once a month to discuss a different social justice issue via a suggested monthly agenda.

Chapters operate on a more macro-level. The have the potential to mimic redfy's programming at the Princeton, NJ headquarters within your own community.

  • Specific Positions – Certain people may also hold specific positions that do not belong to an existing team that address a particular need for our organization. Melinda Guo, our Head Officer of Development, works to create redefy clubs/chapters all over the world, creates the suggested monthly club agendas, and develops redefy in numerous ways. Zain Bhayat, our Head Officer of Statistics, works to compile all of our numerical data, administer and evaluate surveys, and figures out how we can best increase our visibility after reviewing our statistics. More of these positions will arise as we evaluate our circumstances.


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