“redefy:join our team!”

Anyone is eligible to join our growing team by filling out our google form (see link to the right)

In most cases, you can earn community service hours for your participation. 

Which team would you like to be a part of?

  • The Advocacy Team - research and report current events on a weekly basis. This team is perfect for those interested in politics, foreign affairs, and social justice! This team publishes weekly reports on current events related social justice tailored to teens through redefyadvocacy.tumblr.com
  • The Social Media Team - post on our social media accounts, grow our audiences, and build our organizational brand. This is one of our largest teams.
  • The Outreach Team - reach out to celebrities, activists, organizations, schools, and etc. and get them involved with our work! Also, you would use the redefy outreach twitter, recruit more team members, and greet people at events.
  • The Event Planning Team - work to plan, organize, and run all of our many events. We need organized, and effective people on this team! Ask about #TheGenerationOfNow event!
  • The Campaigns Team - work on various efforts that further our yearly mission. You would work very closely with team members, and accomplish a great deal! Ask about our "Call Out" campaign which creates products/hashtags that assist in calling out racism in the many ugly forms in which it unfortunately manifests.
  • The Merchandising Team - work as a part of the Campaigns Team to work on setting up an online store to sell redefy merchandise related to specific awareness campaigns. If you are interested in fashion - this is the team for you!
  • The Journalism Team - write, and potentially edit written content for us.
  • The Technology Team - help us build a redefy app, update our website, and pursh redefy to be up to date technologically. We hope that these advances allow for redefy to reach more people, be more accessible, and inspire more youth to get involved.
  • The Film and Photography Team work to create videos for our organization, as well as take photographs at all of our events. Their current project is work to complete our Clean Air Campaign Video (http://redefy.org/2015/03/02/announcing-the-clean-air-campaign/).
  • The School Representatives Team (lowest commitment level) - write for us once, follow us on social media, and generally support our cause!



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