Side With Peace

By: Annika Gomez

Violence , Activist


Side With Peace is a movement launched by students from the Foshay Learning Academy to eradicated dating and domestic violence.

Dating violence is prevalent in our community. There were 18,553 domestic violence calls for assistance made in 2013 just in Los Angeles county. Additionally, within the Los Angeles Unified School district, 4.8% of Hispanic/Latino students reported experiencing dating violence, as compared to only 1.9% of African American/Black students. Based on our survey, 63.5% of the people we surveyed thought that domestic violence is very common in our community of Los Angeles. This means that 17.3% of those surveyed felt dating violence was not an issue, and 19.2% were unsure. Domestic violence can affect anyone no matter what race or social class they’re in. Moreover, an estimated 20-30% of teens are victims of psychological abuse by their partners, however, only 33% will ever tell anyone about any kind of abuse they experience. In California, 5.9% of students experience dating violence by the time they are in 11th grade. Compared to California overall, the Los Angeles Unified School District has a rate of 5.6% by the 9th grade, which is higher than the California average for that age-group.

Side With Peace is an organization founded by Los Angeles teens who are going to eradicate dating violence. We will accomplish this goal by reaching out to local teens in their community in order to bring awareness about the large issue of dating violence in their residential area. We will be holding assemblies at schools and churches to educate youth in our community on the topic of dating/domestic violence. We will use social media to create a larger impact. Our objective is to spread awareness among younger generations to encourage healthy relationships and eradicate domestic violence.  Side With Peace will be donating a percentage of funds raised to a non-profit similarly focused on domestic violence prevention.

  • My name is Annika Gomez, co-founder of Side With Peace. I am a part of this fight against dating violence in honor of my grandmother. For many years she has shared the stories of her experiences with domestic violence, and I feel strongly obligated to stop this chain reaction.


Healthy Relationships Event

March 10, 2016

We teamed up with another group called "Say Yes to Consent". Our event was held on March 10 during lunch through ought the rest of the day. We invited teachers and students to come and learn all about domestic violence. We invited the media as well and we got Univision to come and film us, which was really exciting.

 During our event, we asked our guests to take a quiz to see what they know about domestic violence and then we checked their answers and showed them why they were either wrong or right. We also gave them the opportunity to earn souvenirs. Our souvenirs were all about our movement. We gave out t-shirts, purple wristbands, keychains, buttons, stickers, and much more. More than just a cool prize, these souvenirs represented our message to end domestic violence.

Our Hour Of Code Win!

Dec. 9, 2015

We participated in The Hour Of Code, a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Each year, the Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week, which this year was December 7-13, 2015.

The entire senior class at the Technology Academy at Foshay Learning Center showcased the projects we had built which uses technolgy to solve important challenges facing their community.

We presented "Side With Peace" to guests who listened to each project pitch -- and our team was selected to win -- which means we all went home with laptop computers!

See full article here.

Our plea

July 23, 2015

The Evolution Of Our Logo / Step One

June 24, 2015

Designing a logo was not as simple as it first seemed.  Logos have to tell a story and to make people "feel" connected to the brand.  Below are the steps we took to get our final design.

STEP #1:

Everyone sketches their ideas about the brand:

Evolution Of Our Logo / Step Two

June 23, 2015

STEP #2:

We selected a drawing we all liked, and brought it into photoshop as our guide.


Do you see the resemblence to Rihanna?

NOTE: In our first logo design we used orange and purple because these are the colors that represent both domestic violence (purple) and teen dating violence (orange).

Evolution Of Our Logo / Step Three

June 22, 2015

STEP #3:

We asked other teens and adults what they thought of our logo design.  The feedback was that it was too hard to see the face and that the colors were confusing.  We also went to - an online crowdsourcing site for logo design and looked at the use of colors and fonts. We also started thinking about how important it was to have an icon that people would remember our brand by, like the nike swoosh. 

We decided that an "eye" was going to be our branding image, so we did some more freehand drawings:

Evolution Of Our Logo / Step Four

June 20, 2015

STEP #4:

We looked at existing logos that used the concept of an "eye" in their branding, like this one: 

We agreed that we'd like to have our "eye" dot the "i" in SIDE WITH PEACE.  First we made the eye:

 Then we created the logo

STEP #5:

We pitched our project idea to a board of business men and women in hopes to recieve posotive feedback and helpful critiques.









After presenting to this audience, they sudgested we change our logo to something "less creepy" and more peaceful. We then created our current logo.

TV Interview

June 15, 2015

Just so happened a TV crew was interviewing the PeerSpring co-founders about youth and social entrepreneurship, so on our first day as a team, we were filmed!

Founding the Team

June 12, 2015

25 students from Foshay's Tech Academy applied to be on a PeerSpring "team."  The goal was to identify people with different skills who could come together to collaborate and work at the same problem from different angles.  Six students were accepted into the program and 5 students accepted the challenge to learn the skills of becoming a social entrepeneur inside of 6 weeks.

Working as a team meant that we'd have to rely on each other's skills and abilities to get the job done. Within our group each of us were empowered to have ownership and editorial input.

lead writers and editors
fact-checking and proof-reading
responsibilities include interviewing and researching

lead graphical and branding designer
this position is responsible for finding the "voice" of the brand and ensuring  that the messaging is consistent 

social media campaign designer
responsible for identifying community "influencers" including members of the media, public officials and prominent social media personalities with whom to partner

identification of technology assets and social media networks with which to work
responsibilities also include editorial oversight of proposed videos, photos, graphic design elements and other visual content developed

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