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By: Amy Wolff

Information Access , Specialist

The education system in rural Mexico does not equip students to access emerging career opportunities or achieve their dreams.

Chiquilá, Mexico is located just about 2 hours north west of Cancun. This small fishing village is home to just over 4,000 people. The culture for many years has been rooted in the fishing industry. Locals rarely leave the community and the expectation is that young men will grow to take over their family business. 

In the recent years, a small island off the coast of Chiquilá has blossomed into a boutique getaway. Isla Holbox is now a hot spot for European tourism, kite surfing, whale sharks and great cuisine. The influx of western culture has disrupted the social normalcies of the small town, causing both progress and limitation for the youth of the village. 

Drugs, alcohol, sex trafficking and other traumatic influences have caused severe social issues among the youth. Additionally, the education system in the rural areas of Mexico does not support access to university education, fluency in English or business etiquette. This is why we are launching the Chiqiulá Youth Leadership Institute - to empower and propel young leaders forward as they seek to invest in their communities and change the world. 


At Hands Offering Hope, we are committed to the emerging generation of Chiquilá, Mexico and beyond in order to see them transformed into intentional and influential leaders who will change their communities, their culture and their country.

We have started an online global mentorship network launched by 6-week boot camp that prepares 12 youth in Mexico for community leadership opportunities through their own personal passion and gives them access to leaders they would never otherwise have the chance to know.

We do this through a year-long program featuring:
• Strong leadership curriculum
• Unique, intentional mentorship
• Creative and diverse applied learning opportunities
• Expanding networks
• Performance incentives
• Strategic partnerships with key local, municipal and national Mexican leaders in business, education, community, churches and government
• A trustworthy and safe environment

Desired Outcomes
• Successful Employment
-80% job placement increase for program alumni

Community Service Projects
-10 or more initiated in 2015 by alumni

Core Starting Blocks
-100% of all alumni equipped with both practical and personal tools to be active citizens

Sustainability by 2017
-The program model will be completely run and facilitated by local leaders

Life Plan
-Developed for each member including keen awareness of his or her worldview and how 
it connects to the way they live their lives

Below is a list of supporting documents and different ways people can help:

PRIORITY #1: Sponsor a Participant

Sponsor a participant in the program through a financial contribution today. 

PRIORITY #2: Give your Tablet

participants with mentors and also help the planet!

PRIORITY #3: Volunteer

We need an army of people to help the Chiquilá Youth Leadership Institute happen this summer – come and join us for $700 + airfare.

  • Amy Carol Wolff is a marketing and fundraising professional who has been working with and consulting for a wide array of non-profits and cause-based businesses since 2005. She is passionate about effective non-profit management. She has a vested interest in the marriage of business and social development. Her main areas of focus in the fundraising space include annual fund development, direct response, digital fundraising, major donor outreach and strategy, donor stewardship and engagement, analyzing donor trends and using insights to build and execute sound strategic development plans, as well as developing and testing evolving best practices for new fundraising tactics. Amy lives in Shelton, Connecticut and enjoys traveling around the world, exploring new cultures and initiatives. Amy holds her MPA in Non Profit Management from Indiana University’s School of Philanthropy and has committed her life to loving the young people of Chiquilá.


Leadership means change

May 3, 2015

Empowering youth with leadership training and mentorship gives them the chance to achieve truly great things in their loves. If you consider the power of someone believing in you, you’ll understand what we mean.  These young people grow up with their community, environment and economy screaming at them that they will never go far. We are breaking that voice through strategic partnerships, fostering intentional relationships and facilitating important conversations about hard issues. 

Ever Had A Birthday Wish?

Jan. 21, 2015

January, 21st 2015: I asked my friends and family to donate $29- dollars in celebration of my 29th birthday and I raised $9,404-dollars from 110 people!  That was 111% of my goal!

Bringing Music & Joy to Chiquila

July 11, 2014

July 11 - July 19, 2014: a team of almost 20 people went to a fishing village about 2 hours outside of Cancun to bring a dynamic music and kids program. This was a part of a 15 year relationship that continues to grow and bless the people in the Yucatan. Video produced by Byron Campbell from Firelight Media.

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