“why we're swimming for obstetric fistula:Raise awareness of Obstetric Fistula”

Individuals and classes could hold help us by using upcoming events at schools or in their communities to either raise money for our cause or further raise awareness of Obstetric Fistula. The ChaCha team has organised concerts, swum across lake Geneva, held stands in Kermesses, talked in assemblies and much more.

Change-makers could hold sporting events such as sponsored swims, food evenings or even just talk to as many people as possible about the cause.

We have also found that showing  ‘A walk to beautiful’ -- a short 45-minute video on the topic is very helpful.

When obstetric fistula disappeared from the West in the mid 19th Century, it also disappeared from our minds. The ChaCha team's goal is to inform at least 1,000 people of this condition. This target has long since been surpassed. It is, evidently, rather difficult to count the number of people we have informed but we have used so many different means of raising awareness that we know for a fact that our first goal has been met! So far, we have given speeches at school, small dinners, female charity groups and huge concert halls. Collectively, we have also been interviewed by various populars newspaper in the Geneva area and were even on TV last week! Our next goal should be to make this project more global by involving and informing people outside of Switzerland.

Help us spread awareness of this issue by using some of the resources on the RIGHT >>> to get started. 

Our official website for donations is : chacha.team


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