“why we're swimming for obstetric fistula:Help us raise money!”

Obstetric fistula is a condition which the World Health Organization believes affects between 2-and-3 million women in the world. Most of them are teenage girls who try to give birth too young. Their body is damaged for life. They wish they would have died with their stillborn baby. These women can be saved from a life of shame and misery with a now routine surgery. Please donate, as any small amount will make a massive difference!​

The costs for the surgery, three weeks of care in a hospital and rehabilitation are just US$600- We thought long and hard about the number of young girls we could help, and sought our parents advice. Our personal goal is to raise enough money for 100 Obstetric Fistula surgeries. Which means, that one impact we are going to have as a result of this swim is that we are going to help 100 young women who are in a horrible situation.

Only $600 to give a woman her life back!

Having been to the world's largest fistula hospital: The Hamlin Fistula Hospital Theodosia met the wonderful Doctor Catherine Hamlin, who created the hospital with her husband 50 years ago. To date, over 45,000 woman have undergone an operation with a 95% success rate.

While in Ethiopia, Theodosia also learned about a school of midwifery where graduates are sent back to their own rural village with the clinical tools to set up her own practice there. These graduates teach about family planning, follow the expecting girls during their pregnancy and labor. She will also show the ladies in the village how to aid a women in labor in such a way that no fistula should occur, or send the girl to the far away hospital in time.

The 5 years training of a midwife who will be sent back to her own village as a hero, with the needed tools to inform, prevent, cure or if needed communicate to sent to the far away hospital the expecting girls, is $16,000. this could be a goal for a community or a firm.


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