Khloe Kares

By: Khloe Thompson

Poverty , Caretaker

There is a problem with homelessness. And not just being homeless, but with the way everyday people treat our homeless friends! A lot of times, someone in need is ignored, or they are "judged" in some way as not being worthy of our money, or time or our friendship. We don't even know why they are on the streets, and yet we assume we know why they are there. 

But there are also people in our lives who are homeless and literally "hiding in plain sight" because they are couch-surfing or living in group homes. In fact, according to recent reports, USA student homelessness has reached more than 1.3 million homeless students in the 2013-2014 school year. 

Vulnerable populations like these can only overcome their challenges if people like us show that we care. According to this study, when homeless students were asked what they "needed," they cited as very or fairly important having someone to talk to or check in with for emotional support (86%), connecting with peers or maintaining friendships (86%), participating in school activities including sports, music, art and clubs (82%).

I started Khloe Kares as a way to give the homeless community hope and to show that there is love and compassion.

No dream is too small or too big! I want to inspire other kids to be great and to make your mark on this earth. I want to challenge other kids to do something big. That's why my mom and I started Kloe Kares, an organization that focuses on community serve and educating other kids about things going on in the world.

My first project, "Kare Bags" were designed by me and my grandma. The purpose of these bags is to give women on the streets a sturdy and nice looking bag that they could call their own, while at the same time giving them something they need on a daily basis, such as soap, lotion, a tooth brush and tooth paste as well as feminine products, socks, etc. 

My next project is a Toy Drive which will supply kids who are in group homes with the same kinds of toys that their peers might already have, such as Barbies and trucks. 

  • I believe kids like me can serve others, regardless of age. I started my work with Khloe Kares when I was just 8 years old. Whether it's through my Kare Bags or through Toy Drives, I believe I can help the world by giving to others, keeping positive, and shining the light God gave me. My page is to do community service, share my personal interest and educate other kids about things going on in the world.

  • I am working to develop myself as an entrepreneur and an artist. Since 9th grade, I've launched two businesses with my team.


Advice for my peers

DON'T BELIEVE YOU'RE TOO YOUNG: I think my age is a huge factor because I'm young and I'm making a difference. And I'm letting people know that your age doesn't matter! You can make a difference at any age. 

DON'T WORRY IF OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING IT TOOI'm sure almost all of the items that I give out are available in the shelters. But I'm going face-to-face and taking the time to get to know these people, and that's what makes my touch special.

DON'T TRY TO DO IT WITHOUT HELP: Not only has my whole family rallied behind my projects, but we've had more than a few hundred people support our work by donating money on our GoFundMe page as well as making generous offers to supply us with bolts of fabrics and toiletries. Now we are writing sponsorship letters and partnering with a variety of other groups too. 

DON'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE PERFECT: Although we are getting our 501(c)3 charitable paperwork filed, Khloe Kares got momentum and started a movement. So if you're passionate, get out there and make the change you want to see in the world.

DON'T WORRY, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES: We launched a GoFundMe campaign and on just one month, we were able to raise almost $14,000 dollars from more than 400 people! 


KEEP AT IT! I have reached out to a lot of people about my work, and that has made a difference in growing my movement.

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