“For Arkansas Girls:How is your home town addressing gender inequality?”

According to the McKinsey Global Institute's 2016 report, there are six impact zones that ultimately impact earnings. 

  1. violence against women
  2. political representation
  3. prevalence of teenage pregnancy
  4. single mothers
  5. time spent in unpaid care work
  6. representation in leadership and managerial positions

Map the statistics that exist in your local region to understand the inequalities in your city. I think exposure to these kinds of issues in the education system is critical. I learned about the Girl Effect in my 9th grade Geography class, and it was the inciting factor for my work with Girl Up. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, teachers and mentors have a responsibility to empower students with this kind of knowledge because, trust me—young people can innovate when they are passionate about an issue. 

You can also learn more about gender inequality from some of the reports on the RIGHT>>


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