“The Frosting Company:Need an inspirational speaker?”

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  • GOLD RIBBON STRONG: Raising Awareness for Childhood Cancer
    Statistics show that cancer is the second leading cause of death in children. Gabrielle is shining a light on childhood cancer awareness by sharing her personal story of survival.
    How do you deal with a negative situation? The answer is you allow it to be a catalyst for something good!  Turning a negative into a positive is possible when you take a step back and change your perspective. 
  • INNOVATION BY DESIGN: Don't Let Age Deter You From Reaching Your Goals
    Today's young people are tomorrow's creators and innovatiors. But why wait 'til tomorrow when you can make it happen today? Age is just a number and you shouldn't let it deter you from accomplishing your dreams and passions.

Gabrielle is a public speaker who promotes a message of positivity while facing adversity. She is a cancer survivor and owner of The Frosting Company, a nutural bath and beauty bakery. She became aware of harmful chemicals and toxins in many of the beauty products she was using. With her love and passion for natural ingredients, she decided to create her own line of artisan products. Gabrielle also stareted a program where she brings celebrities to visit sick children in hospitals. She truly believes that life is a gift and every situation can be made into a positive. 


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