“Rainbow Pack:Start Your Own Fundraiser ”

If you go to http://www.RainbowPack.org/donate/ and click the bright pink DONATE button it will take you to our fundraising page. There you will find two wonderful options, "DONATE NOW" and "BECOME A FUNDRAISER".

If you click "BECOME A FUNDRAISER" you can very easily create your own personalized fundraiser for us. You get to set your own goal, put your own description of why your are doing this, and just really make it your own. 

You can just do a fundraiser by yourself or as a group or you can get a little creative with it. If you have a birthday coming up you can ask people to donate to Rainbow Pack instead of wishing you “Happy Birthday” on Facebook or giving you a gift. Or you could decide to do something crazy like try a ghost pepper if you meet your goal. Or you can do it just cause your awesome! 


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