About The Company

PeerSpring is an educational technology company with a mission to ignite human potential. We do this through Software as a Service (SaaS) and Professional Development workshops. Our flagship Project Based Learning (PBL) platform is offered both as a standalone and a private-label solution:


Everyone is freely welcome to create an account and design a project.
To be featured, submissions undergo editorial review to assess both the viability and credibility of the work. 


Schools, nonprofits and other youth-serving organizations can license and brand our technology 
to invigorate the mastery of 21st century leadership! 

Project creators will:

  1. identify + solve real-world problems
  2. design + code technology for social good
  3. forge ties with stakeholders outside the halls of academia
  4. build community and/or raise money with social + mobile technologies
  5. become masterful digital storytellers

Check out our Teacher Resources Section where news articles are posted to heighten student awareness of the worlds needs and where passions and skills are indexed to showcase how youth can create change just by doing what they arleady love to do!

For more information, or to inquire about our white label product, please email info@PeerSpring.com